MMPL (Mesmerizing Maldives Private Limited) is a bespoke guest photography service catering to over ten resorts in the Maldives.

When guests are seeking an enhanced photographic service to meet very specific needs, we bring out the best of a resort in a fun and memorable photo shoot. This has both commercial value and guest satisfaction in mind for our resort partners.

Our enthusiastic local team of over forty young men and women come from across the Maldives. They act as our Guest Ambassadors who form an integral part of thousands of guests' holidays every year, giving them treasured memories to take away.

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Our Services

Our Resort Photography Programs offer portraiture, family shoots and a multitude of other photo services. These traditionally cater to weddings, honeymoons, ROVs (renewals of vows), family getaways and drone photography but the scope is unlimited.

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Enter Digital

MMPL is proud to offer guests unique technology to access their photos in an instant and share them on social media. We recognise the importance of quick and easy access to photos in today's digital world.

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Does your resort offer professional photography service to your guests, capturing beautiful moments while adding value to your business?
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